Last Academy

Anachron Academy saves dying kids from throughout history, then forces them to be enforcers of our timeline. One group of students, led by a headstrong Viking warrior and a neurotic architect from Ancient Egypt, bands together to uncover the Academy’s darkest secrets and win their right to freedom.

The Line (With Greg Hutchins)

Read the pilot: “Genesis”

Deprived of their memories and trapped in an endless desert, a group of outcasts struggles to endure death games fabricated by a ruthless military leader.


Where the Red Fern Glows

Read the full screenplay.

Amidst the dangers of post-apocalyptic California, a strong-willed girl with puppy fever pursues her dreams of buying “radhounds” and training them into the best hunting team of the west coast.

Homestuck (Based on the webcomic by Andrew Hussie)

Read the full screenplay.

Logline: A new video game blurs the lines of reality, plunging a group of friends into the middle of an epic war between two alien worlds, with Earth doomed to be a casualty of their conflict.

(This screenplay covers acts 1-4 of the webcomic)



Trevor wrote tech and gaming articles for Softonic, an internet app database from 2017-2019. The topics ranged from Macbook troubleshooting issues to Fortnite player’s guides and Google Docs tips and tricks.

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State Press

Trevor worked as a campus life reporter for the ASU State Press during the fall semester, 2017.

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Wynden’s Legacy

After pirates take his family and friends hostage, a young warrior embarks on a dangerous journey to save them. Meanwhile, in captivity, his headstrong sister vies for freedom when their captors themselves come under siege from other pirates.

Trevor Hutchins published his first novel, Wynden’s Legacy in May 2017. Take a look at the first three chapters!

Color Cover (Kindle: $.99, Paperback: $9.99)

The characters are all anthropomorphic animals!  I began writing “Wynden’s Legacy” in elementary school after Brian Jacques’ Redwall series inspired me.  I paused after finishing 100 pages until Junior High, when I began another unfinished attempt. In 2017, I combined elements from my writing journey into a complete story which, after more hard work, was finally published!