I’m entering an interesting gray area where I don’t know what to do next: I’ve written a novel, made screenplays, developed TV pilots, and now I find myself wondering what I want to do. I’ve chased writing in general, but now that I finally have a regular, 40-hour a week job and writing isn’t a pressing matter that needs to be completed for subsistence, I have more freedom than ever before but can only think of how paralyzing the number of choices is. To break out of the funk, I remind myself: write what you would want to watch. You don’t actually write what you know, you write what you’d want to know, what you’d like to experience. The issue is, I’m starting to get tired of things that require waiting for other people. Even though Wynden’s Legacy didn’t lead to enormous success, there was something freeing about being able to decide querying agents wasn’t working, and just self-publish on Kindle Direct Publishing. So…what do I want to watch and experience that I could actually produce myself? Or do I continue making things that require the help of other people, the grace of those self-appointed gatekeepers of their various industries?

And that…that is a much harder question.

Edit: copy pasted this into a search browser and found some interesting results to share, like this screencraft article. Check it out, it’s got some great points!

The Start

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